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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thinking of you, 2 different animations

Everyone say a prayer please!

Hi everyone I need everyone who reads my journal to send a prayer out for a very good friend of my husbands! We got one of those calls this afternoon you never want to recieve. He was in a terrible accident!

It was all supposed to be him having fun with his buddies but the worst case happened. He was running around downtown Mpls in a parking lot jumping fences and when his buddies went right, he went left thinking he could jump the fence on the left side and beat them and end up in front them like "HA HA" I beat you here.

Well he jumped and realized right when he jumped there was no ending, he ended up falling 50 feet onto the interstate! He broke both legs, shattered his heels completely, broke his back, broke his arm and shattered his knuckles. The doctors say the only reason he lived is because he knew to land on his feet and he did which is why his body pretty muchly shattered. He was awake and alert the whole fall and even after landing, he called his own ambulance with his friends 50 feet above him screaming "don't move!".

He has had three surgeries so far, and has many more to come. They do not know if he will walk again. If so it is going to take a long time. He is expected to be in the hospital a month minimum, and will go home in a wheel chair. He is still young this is so sad! He is 27 and has a one year old girl.

We went to the hospital immediately after we got the call and stayed for a couple hours, we will go back tomorrow.  So please pray for him in the year to come, his life as he has always known it as a very outdoorsy, sport oriented type of guy is over and it is going to be SO hard for him!

Thanks much!

Love and hugs,


A picture of my son playing with my hubby's friend..... They are buddies ;)

His name is Jason


Pillow chat

Friday, July 27, 2007

3 requests, added request

Here you go Stephanie and Sugar ;) A note to everyone who requests tags awhile after I make them. I sometimes forget what fonts I use so I try to use one close, I have started writing it down in a notebook lol. But everytime someone asks me to make them one I make them from scratch so I just try to make them as close as possible to the original ;)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



A new scroll

Repeat but requested for Amy ;)

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Eye of the....

This tag saved really big!! lol

Hiya everyone! I love this tag but for some reason it saved huge and I do not have the time to fix it. I made the frame that the tag is in :)


Friday, July 13, 2007

Clarification ;)

Hiya guys!  A few people have commented on my age and being a grandma. Amanda is my hubbys 18 year old daughter. She biologically is not mine, I have wrote about her in my main journal. She is mine though! I am her mother.

Her biological mom lives in the Dominican Republic, she moved there a couple years ago. I have been a part of her life for a decade and she is my daughter as much as my 10 year old is my daughter. My hubby was  17 years old when he became a daddy.

We have had custody of Amanda since her mother decided to get married and leave the country a couple years ago. But she is now obviously an adult, yet still very much so needing of parents who love her.

So just clarifying that I did not actual give birth to her at the age of 14, yet in my heart it truly feels like she has always been my daughter ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!



Thursday, July 12, 2007

Promised Pics ;)

Here he is ;) Caleb Nicholas.....He is doing great and so is my daughter. Her B/F is sick though. I slept for about two hours and took my 10 year old and mom to the hospital tonight and ended up leaving to go get him some Tylenol, Nasal Spray, water, and jello. He looked terrible. He was shaking badly, had really red face and red eyes. They are both so exhausted! Hopefully she will sleep in between feedings tonight. She is breast feeding and wants him in her room period. So she will be getting cat naps all night I am sure. I am so extremely proud of her ;) She had a 100% natural birth with no drugs, ephideral or anything. She was in labor for about 20 hours so I know she is wiped out, yet so at peace. She was so excitedto meet "her son"! It is hard to believe I am 32 and a grandma lol. I am going to have to think of some cool name a little more young and hip for him to call me lol....Here are a few pictures.....

Aren't these flowers beautiful? I had the arrangement done for her at Bachman's tonight...

I am a grandma ;)

Our 18 year old daughter gave birth to her son Caleb at 12:18 PM today ;) He is beautiful and Amanda is doing great! He weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was amazing through out the whole delivery!We are VERY proud of her! Hard to believe I am a grandma today lol! I will post pics later we just got home and need to sleep for a bit we were at the hospital all night.......



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True friend


Here you go Ruthie ;) They are a tiny bit different because I forgot what font I used lol. Enjoy!



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Two scrolls and frame

Hiya everyone. The second scroll is a little different than any others I have made. I made the flower tubes I used in both of these tags. I also am adding a copy of a frame I made that matches the scroll. I think it is pretty.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and stayed safe :)


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Something nice

Hi everyone! I have just in the last two days starting learning how to not only make my tags but also to make the tubes, frames, ect that I use to make my tags.

Man is there alot you can learn on PSP! I honestly would NEVER get anything done if I learned and made stuff as often as I want to lol. I truly understand the PSP addict that everyone talks about all the time, finally!

So with that said I forgot to mention in my last entry that I tubed the red flower in it. My first tube ever.

Now in this one I made the frame all by myself ;) Then I made the tag with my frame. I also learned today how to add my frames and tubes directly into my psp program so that my frames for example show up in the drop down menu with the rest.

I am sure many of you already knew all this stuff. BUT I am still a newbie so I am amazed by all of it lol


Monday, July 2, 2007