Friday, July 13, 2007

Clarification ;)

Hiya guys!  A few people have commented on my age and being a grandma. Amanda is my hubbys 18 year old daughter. She biologically is not mine, I have wrote about her in my main journal. She is mine though! I am her mother.

Her biological mom lives in the Dominican Republic, she moved there a couple years ago. I have been a part of her life for a decade and she is my daughter as much as my 10 year old is my daughter. My hubby was  17 years old when he became a daddy.

We have had custody of Amanda since her mother decided to get married and leave the country a couple years ago. But she is now obviously an adult, yet still very much so needing of parents who love her.

So just clarifying that I did not actual give birth to her at the age of 14, yet in my heart it truly feels like she has always been my daughter ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!




therealslimemmy said...

she is lucky to have a mother like you
<3, emily

rglewis38 said...

Yes ! You are her mother...Bless you, her, your hubby and the baby !!!!

nay0114 said...

Yes... you're right in saying your her mom. I was adopted young and always felt the mom that raised me was my "real" mom. The person that has the daily contact with you and helps you and loves you is the real parent.
Take care, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

i never thought twice about your age and her age. I was just so happy that Caleb is here and healthy!

seraphoflove9001 said...

You are her mother! :o)