Friday, August 31, 2007


I cannot retrieve my data off of my external drive! I lost all of my PSP stuff and all of my photos! Such a bummer..... It will be awhile before I get even a quarter of the stuff I had back :( I will work with what I have and make requests to my groups. But for now I am not sure how great my tags will be or how often.



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hiya everyone. I finally found a good plugin for water effects thanks to Chris at Cabs Creations (thank you tons hun!). But now I have to learn to make it look great lol. So for awhile it will be testers and I promise they will get better as I practice more :)

On another note, I bought the 320 gig external hard drive a little over a month ago. I have 12 gigs of psp graphics and all of my camera photos and it CROAKED last night!! Our power went out around 2AM and this morning it was done for. We talked to Best Buy to be told that the power failing and killing it is the most common problem with the one I bought!!?? HUH? I asked to buy the best one when I purchased this, I told them price was not a concern as long as it was going to work great and protect my photos and graphics. The one I bought is the one I was recommended to buy. They never once told me of any problems. So for now I have none of my graphics, none of my tags, none of my photos.

Geek squad told me they can recover the data on it if I pay them $150.00! Hmmmm that sucks. But what can I do? I sure do not want to lose everything on the drive. Either way I am winging it making tags til at least this weekend when I can get my data transferred.

Ironic how I bought it in the first place to never have to worry about losing all of my stuff and my computer is fine and the external drive crashes.





Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inseperable & Miracles

This tag saved huge! I didn't realize til afterwards ;) I love the tag so just adding it even though it is really big lol


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Act of kindness

I got this quote off of a picture in my bathroom ;) lol

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007


Not hard to

Long overdue entry!

Hi everyone just thought I would write a entry since it has been a long time again! This summer has been so busy!! I am going to put some pictures in here most of them of my family from a party at my moms house. My sister had a "birthday" party for her dog lmao! But between all of us we have 12 dogs there was I think 8 at this party/BBQ. It was good humor I tell you!

Hubby's sister is holding Jayjay, the white dog is Murphy, the Birthday boy (hehe) is the retriever Bourke (yes named after the purses lmao!), the black dog is mine Romeo, the other one you can only see his butt is Baxter hubby's mom's dog. And the little Pom my brother is holding is Alize another one of my mom's dogs. There are a few missing but you get the picture! There was alot of dogs there. Her pool and whole yard was such a mess we cleaned it up the next day.

The next ones are of my kids, and grandson and daughter and my mom and sister. There is also one of my nephew Aedan with his dad but it is not to close up. You can see how big he has gotten. My grandson looks so tiny now compared to Aedan man does the 4 months make a big difference!

Hmmm what else have we been doing? We took a Pontoon on the Hudson River during Stillwater's Lumberjack days. There were SO many boats and huge boats on the river. We had a blast though. Stillwater is about 45 minutes from the cities and still has that old town charm and feel. We went to the fair area and got poured on but it felt good. We also walked up and down mainstreet and had very yummy chocolate malts with strawberries in them. We did a little bit of shopping, they have awesome shops!

Tomorrow is my daughter Rayanna's 11th birthday party. We are having it two weeks early because we are going to the cabin the last week of the month. She is just having apool party at my moms house and then having 3 girls spend the night. I need to run out in a bit and get watermelon, cantoloupe, and honeydew melon to cut up. I am also making a crockpot full of sloppy joes. We are getting her cake from Dairy Queen and I have to pick up a arrangement of balloons tomorrow at noon. I bought all the decorations, plates, ect yesterday.

We have had appt's and more appt's most of the summer. My son has leg braces he has to wear and needed a new pair so we got those molded last week. Next week we will pick them up and have them fitted. I went to the mall and got him two new pairs of shoes to bring with to the fitting because his doc likes to see them and make sure they work ok and have enough support. We have been buying the right shoes for years so I have no worries that both pairs will not be right ;)

I have been seeing my OGBYN because I do not have a normal period at all. As a matter of fact I had not had one period in 4 years. He put on hormones again and it took about 14 days but it did force it to happen. I am so crampy but it's ok it needs to happen. This will be the 3rd one I have had in almost 9 years! We are trying to figure out why it does not come on it's own. For now my doc said I do not need to have one monthly, but at least one every three months would be good. So he gave me a years worth of refills to take hormones every three months for 10 days. Fun fun!

Our friend Jason is still doing about the same, he is getting moved to a house though for rehabilitation that he will stay at indefinately. He is having rough times all around! Poor guy! He found out while in the hospital his G/F was cheating on him. He called and her other B/F actually answered the phone. He really cared about this girl sounded like he may have even thought she could be the "one". It is hard enough period to have your heart broken let alone when you are going through the hardest times of your life!

My hubby's mom just found out there is a possibility that there is more cancer that was actually there and "overlooked" the first time around. I do not have alot of news about that yet as we just found out 2 days ago. I will update more when I know more. Just think of her and keep her and Jason in your prayers please!

I bought myself a new desk last week and love it! I do have a solid oak one that I have had for years but my hubby is going to take that one and I will keep the new one I bought when we find a house.

This is Office Max's picture I will get a picture of my actual desk another time. I love the hutch on it. I think I told you when I moved I sold a ton of my stuff so it has been really fun looking for the replacements. I have found the dining room set and one of the living room sets I will be getting.

This is the couch that will go in my sitting room with my hutches and native american dolls and horses.

This is the bedroom set that I love...

I have had light oak for 15 years and am starting to love the darker wood as you can see ;) Here is the dining room set and hutch I am getting...

My grandson is doing great!!!  He is a sweetheart! She is breastfeeding and trying to pump enough bottles so we can have him overnight sometime soon. My nephew is getting huge also. They are both the sweetest babies you could ever meet! So happy and smart ;)

Well I should end this for now. I have a ton more I could write about but need to get going to the grocery store. I hope everyone is doing well!

Love you and hugs,


P.S. I am not proof reading this so sorry for all misspelled words and typos lol!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

No place on...

OK forget it lmao the tag will not show up right! Sorry

So sorry for the multiple entries and deletes!

On another note I went out and bought a 320 gig external harddrive and OMG did it speed my puter up putting all of my PSP graphics, and photos on it! Was money well spent ;) I have read so many nightmares so many have had with PC's crashing and people losing everything and that just flat out sucks for all of you that have had that happen to you! Now with the external drive I do not need to worry as much about it even if mine were to crash because it is all transferred now....BIG whew because I have so many graphics and tags saved now lol

I also want to thank all of my new visitors and say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments ;) I found PSP at a very much so needed time in my life, and used it to clear my mind after my grandma passed away. It was my release, my getaway so to speak! I still do not feel the need to add my name to any of my tags because I make them purely for enjoyment. Of course the great comments make it fun keep making them lol!

One more thing some of you ask me to email the tags you request and I try to send emails to you letting you know that they are posted here, but whenever any of you request a name I will always post it here on my journal right when I am done with it ;) So just check back or watch your alerts and it will say request and your name.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Love you

Requests for Carolyn (are these the 2 you want?)

Here you go chica! Let me know if I did the wrong two......