Saturday, January 26, 2008

Answer to Winivere's question ;)

Where is my signiture she asks in an old tag of mine lol. I did not ever used to put my name anywhere on anything I made. I think the first probably 400 tags I made had no name on it. Once more people started snagging them many people talked of giving me credit where credit was due but could not always remember where they got the tag from, so I started putting names on them :)

Hugs, Robyn

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nay0114 said...

LOL I remember the no name ones. I'm so glad you went to putting it on there because I get everyone confused otherwise.
Just a thought.. Have you ever thought about adding MCC (short for My Creative Corner) at the beginning of your tag link/name when you save them... ONLY because then when people save them to their computers they will all go to the same area by alphabetical order.
Take care, Chrissie


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