Friday, January 4, 2008

Can someone do me a favor please?

I just opened a Fotki account and am wondering if someone can click on this link and let me know that it brings you to my tag I uploaded there? If this works I will be learning to sooner than later start using that site to upload all my tags. I will probably just always put a link in here until I figure out the easiest way to share through Fotki.

This should help all of us with the load time of my tags because at Fotki they only show thumbnails on the main page. Bear with me in the next month trying to figure this out :)

Hugs, Robyn


nay0114 said...

You opened one too. I just see that everyone uses one. I clicked on the link you provided and went right to the tag.
Now the only problem FOR ME is that I still can keep animation by snagging from there either I tried while I was there, but I'm sure it's my computer or some program we have interfering with it somehow I just can't figure it out. Everyone keeps telling me AOL 9 or up versions mess it up so I don't know.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

doclove64 said...

The link works. I clicked it and it took me to your site.   Have a good night.

nelishianatl said...

I could easily see them.  Cool site?  I may be learning more about it in the future when I start making them, huh?


nightskygzer said...

Your Fotki site is up and running and wonderful, thanks for sharing the link!

ktkamanski said...

You did it Yeah! And they all look wonderful ~ Thanks for sharing such talent! Have a good day,


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