Saturday, January 12, 2008

Question for my always list ladies

I am wondering if everyone can do me a favor and leave me your email address and what I will start doing is sending emails to everyone when I post a new set. At some point I hope to figure it out so that I can just send email alerts to everyone each time I post a new tag. But I have not came close to figuring that out lol. I have a couple people already that I email when they request things to tell them they are ready to be picked up. I would ultimately like to be able to do this for everyone. But I need a list of everyone's email addresses to do that ;)

I have been looking at my journal here and it is looking pretty sad because I have not been posting any graphics here ;) Thanks to everyone for hanging with me while I try to figure out what is easiest for you all and me! Eventually I will figure this out lol

Hugs, Robyn


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hey Robyn!

Thanks so much for the graphics you have made me that Chrissie has been sending are so thoughtful!  I haven't been by in quite some time cause i have been staying way behind since the holidays....gonna check out your fotki site to see what i have missed.... I love your creations...they are always awesome!

Here is my email addy....


chevyz71gurl74 said...

HAHa...sorry I just read the subject line....i'm not on your always list....but would love to they get every graphic you make or what?  

I am a


redpoppy007 said...

Will you add me to your always list.
Thank you, Cassie

xaymacagirl said...


Many thanks for the tags you've provided.  It's made being here fun for me. I appreciate your wonderful creations.  Does my aol address work for you? If not, I can provide another.

winivere2002 said...

glensfork4 said...


1) (new)

2) (old & still using till everyone changes over)

heavenlybama said...

Dana -

tpiez4me said...

It can't be easy trying to figure out where to stash such lovely creations!
Thanks for making our world more beautiful!!

queeniemart said...

lisa jo

love you

ktkamanski said...

You are so thoughtful ~ Here is my e-mail address: Thank you for brightening up our journals with your talent. Take care,


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