Thursday, January 31, 2008

Third times a charm lmao! This is finally the right Gorjuss tag!


This tag was SUCH a pain to save right lmao! I have deleted the entry, saved and resaved 7 times to make the white background on the Gorjuss girl go away. It was so strange because on the actual tag it was not white lol. SO either way here is the right one now lol. Gnite and hugs everyone! Robyn


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therealslimemmy said...

thank you!!! :)

my3gifts said...

Can I have this tagged with


Thank you!

queeniemart said...

i love it! May i have this with Lisa?

jjdolfin9 said...

Nice work Robyn.  
Hugs, Joyce

nay0114 said...

THANK YOU Robyn as always another beautiful tag. I'm sorry she was a pain in the behind. Thank you for taggin me one ;-). I'll try to stop by the journal soon to see whats up. I notice you are on the computer all night like me.. we it's night for me don't know about where you are.
Take Care and Big hugs, Chrissie

muirgddess said...

thanks   for the welcome..............i  love the new gorjusstag.....can  i have  one.    PLEASE  AND    THANKYOU!!!!!!    Jan

happysunshien said...

I love love love it! :)  Can you make me one that say Tracey?  got a best buddie this week :)


springangel235 said...

I love it...could I please have one with Joyce...thank you!!!


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