Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome Amanda & Krissy & Barb!


I would like to say a huge Welcome to Amanda, Krissy and Barb to my always list!! Thanks all three of you for stopping by! You will all be included in my next set. Please leave a comment when you pick up your tags so I can delete them.

I have been using Fotki for about a month now and LOVE it but I need to buy an account there and will probably not get around to getting that set up until the later part of this week. I will definately be making a new set before then BUT I have decided I will not upload them until I can use my Fotki again because I worry about the load speed here on this journal adding 29 tags lol! Add me to your alerts because even once I move all the way over to Fotki I will still add links here everytime I make a tag.

Welcome again you three I am happy to have you here ;)

Hugs, Robyn

P.S The welcome tag I used is another snagged tag that I loved! I would be in the doghouse if I started making my own welcomes, ect also lmao so I show off others beautiful tags instead

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therealslimemmy said...

hope you dont mind i snagged the one you found. its too cute :)


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