Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I just wanted to say "Welcome" to Sugar and Brenda to my always list ;) My next set (which may be tonight lol) you will both be included. I am glad your here!

I am loving all the comments and great things said about the tags that I make. It is so cool to me, I love making them and am so glad that you guys love using them! I do truly still have ALOT to learn about PSP but I have been taking it slowly kind of to learn each thing I do pretty well before I move onto something else.

It is really fun for me because now that I have a gyst of what is needed to make animations, for example work I screw around with different things and sometimes end up with some really cool stuff. I know some kid with me and say don't you ever sleep? LOL I do! I just stay up a little late every night. The other thing is about 80% of my tags I make I spend no more than 15 minutes on. I look for one tube in my folders that catches my eye and go with it. I will usually stop making it if it takes me a long time to get it right.

So plan on them to keep coming ;) As long as people continue using them I will keep posting them lol.What did they say? "If you build it they will come?" lol Must apply in PSP also?

So simply thank you to all of you who stop by here and leave me such great feedback on my tags I make! I appreciate it so much, and love reading them!

Hugs, Robyn


nay0114 said...

I don't know about the others on here, but I have been told that your graphics are great. Hey and when another PSP graphic artist comments your work... then girl you must be doing something right. I think it's neat that everyone could get the same tube, but come up with something totally different. I love it.
I just now joined a group and hope to start myself here soon. Even my son wants to learn with me. How cool is that? He'll send up taking it over I'm sure. He draws his own stuff. He's very creative and can write, but he doesn't like me to tell people about that because he says it makes him look soft. Man, does he have a lot to learn on what the women like. LOL.
Happy to see your group list growing, but all I care is I got that #8 spot ;-)~ Yeah baby! It's a thing with me okay.
Take care, Chrissie

nay0114 said...

Did you just say something about build it and they will come LOL I have a feeling your graphic journal will be growing very soon. Have others asking about you and I'm sending them on to you.
Take care, Chrissie

winivere2002 said...

Hi, Robyn. I just found out about you and your wonderful graphics! Please add me on your always list!!

Winivere =.)

nelishianatl said...

I have to say that yours are my very favorites out here.  I can't imagine doing the work you are doing and only spending 15 minutes or so on a tag.  Remarkable.

We are wishing you the best and happiest year you've ever had in 2008 from me, Dirk and little Katie too.

Who by the way, asks to be covered up with the 'pretty blanket' every night.
Great big hugs,

queeniemart said...

i love you and your unique spin on the graphics....you use so much color and i love that plus i love the big tags too! Keep on doing what your doing!
LOVE, lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

They are always beautiful!

tpiez4me said...

Robyn your work is always beautiful and appreciated!

xomywayox said...

Well thank you for the warm welcome. And if it takes you only 15 minutes...DAMN your good.

Ciao Bella....Brenda


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