Tuesday, February 5, 2008

LOTS of request to pick up! Look for name below ;)

Hi everyone! I am still feeling really rough but decided to try to catch up on my journal and tags tonight and I think I got it all done. There is really no rhyme or reason to all of these requests because there are so many lol. I will name the tag and put your name next to it if you requested it ;) Please leave a comment in Fotki letting me know that you picked up each tag so I can delete them to make finding requests easier always :)

Hugs, Robyn

Be Happy for Sunyruby

With Coffee for Sunyruby

My Girl for Mary

Gorjuss Snowflakes for Linda & Joyce

Candy Kisses for Jan & Christy

My Gorjuss Friends set for Katie & Jenny

Happy Face for MQQN

My heart is for Sunyruby

And lastly..... :)

Ladybugs for Dana & Mia

Everyone click this link to go to the request album....


There is two pages so make sure to check page 2 also for your tags. Once I get all of your email addresses I just realized I can send a email to you from Fotki when I have added tags. So I will still add a pic and link in Jland but once I get a request I will email you through Fotki to let you know. I will probably not start doing that for at least a week though. Once I am feeling better.


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jmoqueen said...

sorry to hear that your still feeling rough :(  I picked up my tag and it's lovely thank you very much xx



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