Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Gorjuss tag

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 I will be getting to requests sometime in the next couple days. My daughter got sick a couple days ago and has been home from school. She has the same crud we have all had recently. She is coughing so bad! They checked her breathing at the clinic 2 days ago and her intake and outtake was low. Intake was at 77% and her outtake was at 68%. Her doctor didn't like those numbers so they gave her a neb treatment in the clinic and sent us home with an inhaler. I have to take her back in tomorrow and they will recheck the breathing numbers. They did a chest Xray and didn't see any pneumonia (thank goodness!). So they are treating her for a sinus infection with anti-biotics. Her fever is up and down. Hopefully she will get back to feeling good sooner than later. You know I am completely and utterly tired of sickness in my house!! I think we have had our share and should be cool for at least another year now?? lmao I hope everyone is having a good week.


Everyone please say a prayer for Irene's family. (Meet me at the Breakfast Table) She got her angel wings yesterday and I honestly had never met this wonderful woman until yesterday when I went and read her journal FRONT to BACK! Wow is all I can say~ She was a fighter, she had this way of writing about her cancer that touched me in so many different ways last night! My god was she an amazing lady! I sure wish I would have met her earlier. I will see her at the breakfast table though, where she will be sitting smiling ear to ear, laughing and just being beautiful!

Hugs to everyone, Robyn

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nay0114 said...

Beautiful tag. So sorry about Irene. Hope your daughter gets well soon. Mine are all sick over here to and I'm exhausted and can't rest up. Keeps snowing, cold, and some ice this way all through next week JOY. Take care, Chrissie

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you for the tag....I sure do have Irenes family in my prayers. A beautiful soul.

queeniemart said...

so sorry about the loss of the J Lander. I hope your sweet daughter is better already. You have been hit SO hard by illness....we need spring!! lOVE, lj

rebarks said...

Thanks for the new Gorjuss tag. Sure hope your daughter gets better soon. Sorry to read about Irene. I didn't know her but it's always sad to lose someone. My prayers to her family. Hope this is a better week for you and your family.

jmoqueen said...

I hope your daughter gets better soon xx  I have left a comment over at Irene's journal ~ although I did not know her.  It's sad to hear that a jlander has passed though


springangel235 said...

Beautiful tag...and I snagged.  Thank you for your well wishes for my husband while he was sick.  And prayers for your daughter too...hope she is feeling better real soon.  I remember reading about Irene before my husband became ill....I continue to keep them all in prayer....hugs and love to you!

jjdolfin9 said...

Thanks for the great Gorjuss tag.  I didn't know Irene either but will go and read (as you did) some of her entries.  At the end of it all, I hope people will say such nice things about me.  Hope your daughter gets well quickly.
Hugs, Joyce

muirgddess said...

Can I have her with Jan on it??............Whenever you have the time.............Please and thank you!!!

muirgddess said...

Where do you go to read about Irene??

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))I hope and pray our daughter is feeling better soon.I have been praying for Irenes family.

ktkamanski said...

So sorry to hear about your daughter now facing this discomfort. My thoughts and prayers will continue. Take care,

muirgddess said...

can i have her with jan on it, whenever you are up to it.  please and thank you.

jasenlizfan4ever said...

I just wanted to let you know what I found out.  I have been snagging your blanks; wanted to add my name as well as those of the others in my always list and so I asked in this other group that I am in about it and this is what I was told.

You can email me at


Hi Mendy,

That is a HUGE no no .............. If they are any Artists art on those tags- whether they are gorjuss or any other artist at AMI - all tags have to be shared with someones name on them and/or the "Extras" type of tags- such as " Welcome"   "Thank you " etc.

Whomever made these tags- should NEVER have allowed anyone to snag them up- that is totally against AMI tou's.  - If I were you- I'd get rid of them or let this person that creates blank tags for her always list know that that is NOT supposed to be done.

The only person that gets credit on tags with Suzanne's art is Suzanne - so even putting the creator of the tags name on them will not suffice.    Do these blank tags even have the credit on them?    Suzanne and her address to her site and an AMI license # ?

Please, never share these blank tags- they can get you in trouble.

Sorry to disappoint you but its just not right with AMI at all ......

Hugs to you,


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