Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1 more welcome ;)


I would also like to welcome Shazza to my always list! Thanks for stopping by ;) You will be included in my next set, scroll, or anything I make for my always list. If you add me to your alerts here you will know when I make new tags. I will always put for my always list in the subject line so you know you have a tag to pick up. I will add a link here to my Fotki account where you can pick them up. Please leave a comment when you do pick them up so I can keep the request folder clean and easy to use ;)

Welcome again Shazza I am happy you stopped by!

Hugs, Robyn

P.S this welcome is snagged :)


domsmom27 said...

I just loved this one with the little guys running around..snagged it.    Thank ya much!!!!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you! :o) And Welcome Shazza!

theprincesshazza said...

Thank you so much for the Welcome and the snags..I love them...I am very happy to have joined your very lovely Creative Corner...
Your tags are wonderful and are you old ones up for request also? Thank you again, Shazza xx


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