Thursday, April 24, 2008

Link for blinkies for those who want it....

Here is a link to the place I find all my blinkies at.... So many have asked for it already that I figured I would just share it with everyone. She has a TON of them and they are so cute ;) Have fun with them if you use them! If any of you that come here and snag my tags have your own sites you share your work at please leave a link, I would LOVE to see your work also!


sunnybethe said...

OMG!  What fun that site is!  I live across the street from the ocean so of course I love fishes and ocean life.  There's tons : )  I'll let you know if I post. Guess I should leave my link although most of my tags are back around April 20th.

Thank you for sharing,  Bethe    

sugarsweet056 said...

I already have her link, & get lots of little animations from her, thanks to Joyce.
Have a beautiful upcoming wkend.

suepclark18 said...

Monring. Thanks for the link I shall explore it later when I have more leisure

puppylove1948 said...

Sweetheart, it was so nice of you to share that link with us.
It is absolutely adorable & you'r right .......that girl does do beautiful work.
Love you, Hugs & always Thank You for everything that you do for us.  You're very special.
Love, Puppy

jmoqueen said...

I love blinkies ~ so I shall go and check out the link xx  Thank you xx



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