Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A note for everyone on my Always list to read....


Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to make an entry quick to answer some questions that have been coming my way through emails and comments. I will answer them all here so that all my newer ladies on my always list get the answers also.

When I make tags for my always list I will always put in my subject line "Always list". When I make my hello/hug sets and scrolls I always make them for my always list. I do not make every tag (like my Gorjuss tags) for all of you everytime I make one. I do however, take requests for any of them. I also will randomly make a tag and make one for my always list.

Noone is being left out I promise ;) Make sure if you think you are to check in my Always list folder for tags with your name on it. You will see in that album that I make a new folder for each set I make for all of you.

I am doing my requests about once a week now because there are so many. I used to do them daily but it has just gotten to be to much time wise. So if you have requested something your name is sitting right here in front of me in my trusty notebook lol. If it is not done yet I will get to it sooner than later. As a matter of fact I will be filling requests tonight or tomorrow for this last week and there will be quite a few of them.

And as I have always said if I somehow miss your request please just let me know and I will get it done as soon as possible ;) I have noticed alot of people who make tags and share them and open them up for requests do a time limit on the requests and close it after X amount of time. I have not done that so far because I want newcomers to be able to look through my old tags and have a name added if they want to. But because of that and the amount of visitors I have now the requests are not getting done as quickly as they used to, and my sets are about once a week also versus all the time.

I am still trying to figure out who is here and not here. My last set I made has 27 comments on it and I have 52 on my always list. Almost half of them are unaccounted for. I love making them for everyone who is here but would love to make sure that all 52 of them are getting picked up. I told everyone I was going to give it a couple weeks and then go back and look to see who is here and plans to stay and who is not picking up there tags. If some of you do pick them up, but don't leave a comment please let me know and please start leaving a comment so I do know your here ;)

I think that is all for now.

Hugs, Robyn

P.S I just saw another question going through my emails. How do you add my journal to your alerts? On the top of this page there is a box on the right hand side that says Alerts. Click that, then you will click entry alerts. It should say my journal has been added to your alerts. Hopefully that helps you ;) If you have any more questions just send me an email and I will answer the best I can.


nelishianatl said...

I may have been quiet for awhile but I've been picking mine up.  ANd I'm a happy girl with them.  And having you for a friend.


sunnybethe said...

Oh, I was beginning to feel over looked when I requested if I could go on your ALWAYS list.  Didn't understand since I have several friends here.  No worries~I'm patient : )


jmoqueen said...

Interesting entry :o)  I'm still here but I always comment when I pick up the tags lol



jjdolfin9 said...

I've been leaving comments on mine so I know it's not me...lol.
Hugs, Joyce

linnpooh said...

Thank you so much Robyn, for taking the time to post all of this (which I'm sure is the 100th time for you!!) again for us newbies.....it was explained so well, easy to understand, and very appreciated.

Your work is so beautiful.....thank you so much for sharing it.

Pooh Hugs,

apaws2chat said...

Tick me off your list too Robyn, just been spending extra time with my beautiful grand daughter. . but I still stop by when I can and always leave you a little note!
Huge Hugs to you Robyn

PS. . . .keep on Tagging!!

rebarks said...

Hi Robyn,
I'm here and enjoy all your creations especially Gorjuss. Now I've added you to my alerts on AOL. Not that I need to because I stop by daily.

Hugs, :-)
Barb 820

queeniemart said...

I HOPE I got to the fotki and thanked you. You are such a sweetie!

glensfork4 said...

I just returned to the computer world after a week off. I believe I get them when you post them, but I will check. I try to leave a comment everytime. I am here & well, just not this past week.


chevyz71gurl74 said...

I'm still here Robyn...and always will be unless you give me the boot...lol   I am always behind cause of my alerts or lack of...but i do try and leave a comment everytime I pick mine up... I love all of your creations and appreciate your hard work.


heavenlybama said...

I'm still here.  I'm not on the computer alot lately so I'm always a week or two late in getting around to journals and most of them I don't even get to.  Been having alot of medical problems since February.  I think I've been leaving comments when I pick up tags.  I usually do.


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