Monday, May 19, 2008

TON of requests & A NOTE (Look for name below)

MCCreflecting Stephanie

MCCgardendelights Stephanie

MCCsummertimebirds Stephanie

MCCiflovewere Stephanie

MCCdonthateme Nel, Lottie, Trisha, Lynnie, Puppy, Dana, Jenny, Stephanie & Electa

MCCholla Paula, Linda, Barb, Irene, Stephanie & Jennifer

MCCrockonwith Electa, Collette, Pat, Debbie, Dawn, Barb, Jenny, Michele & Dana

MCCsweetness Linda, Paula, Carolina, Puppy, Lynnie, Barb, Tammy, Anita, Jennifer & Stephanie

MCCflowersfeed Kathy, Linda, Joyce, Paula, Anita, Carolina, Rox, Jan, Barb & Jennifer

MCCbeautifuldaybling Lynnie, Puppy, Carolina & Jan

MCCeverybodyneeds Puppy, Pat, Carolina & Jan

MCCflowersforyou  Shazza & Jan

MCClivelifeto  Jan, Linda & Barb

MCCsmileforyou  Anita, Jennifer, Linda, Joyce, Barb & Jan

MQQNlivelovelaugh Jan

MCCletsgo Gloria

MCCbluegorjuss Irene

MCCintheend  Irene

MCCreflecting Irene

MCCilovegorjussgirls Irene

MCCpatience Irene

Starlightgorjuss Irene

Familymeans Sarah


Click on this link to go the request album to find your requests. Please leave a comment so I know you have picked them up. I would like to ask again for those of you who have ever requested anything please stop by Fotki and check in the folder for your tags that you may not have picked up yet. There is about 3 pages of tags that I have made for someone or another and they have all been sitting for quite some time now. It makes it alot easier to keep that folder clean and easy to use when I can delete the picked up tags. Aside from that I make these tags to share for fun, yet they are time consuming and 3 pages of unclaimed tags took a bit of time to make so I would prefer to keep making the tags IF they are getting picked up. Alot of you are really good about telling me when you will be away for a bit, or are having puter problems, ect. I think I will give the first 3 pages in the request folder a few more days and if they have not been claimed by then I will go ahead and delete them. Have a great evening!
Hugs, Robyn

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ptomassoni said...

Saved all my tags!
Love it!
Thanks and hugs,