Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TONS of requests Look for name below

Hi everyone there was a huge amount of requests this week for different tags. All in all I ended up making 174 of them and it took me about 5 hours so I am asking to please please pick up all of your tags and leave a comment when you do. If they do not get picked up I will have to start making a limit of requests because it is really time consuming ;) I made each page in Fotki 48 images per page instead of 24 so hopefully that will make it easier to find. I am going to make the list of tags and who has them to pick up in order of how I uploaded them. So if you have a tag towards the top of the list I would look at page 1 & 2, if your towards the middle 3 & 4 and if your towards the bottom half look at page 4 & 5, ect.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to go to the Request album. I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Hugs, Robyn

MCClovesomebody Jan, Anita, Barb, Jennifer & Paula

MCCdoyoubelieve  Shazza, Lynnie, Lottie, Roxanna, Jenna, Scr151, Chungie, Amrf23, Lacee, Michelle, Marla, Jan, Linda, Collette, Barbara, Pat, Electa, Puppy & Dawn

MCCitsnotthe  Rox, Nel, Amrf23, Scr151, Chungie, Michelle, Carolina, Joyce, Ramzilla4u2, Roberta, Nancy, Lottie, Jenna, Jennifer, Lacee, Jan, Collette, Electa, Barbara, Pat, Puppy, Linda, Lynnie, Carol, Latonya, Debra, Helen-J, Fiona & Debbie Sue

MCCcalmcool  Anita, Jenny, Karen, Linda, Carolina, Lynnie, Jenna, Rox, Lottie, Lacee, Pixie, Scr151, Trisha, Bette, Ann Marie, Jan, Irene, Paula & Jennifer

MCCsmellthecoffee  Jan, Rox, Lynnie, Trisha, Scr151, Amrf23, Jenna, Lacee, Sharon, Carolina, Nel, Lottie, Pixie & Chungie

MCCrockyourworld  Jenny, Lynnie, Trisha, Jenna, Lacee, Pixie, Alicia, Amanda, Roberta, Nel, Lottie, Sharon, Ann Marie, Debra, Salina, Fiona, Nina, Electa, Collette, Debbie, Dawn, Linda, Pat & Puppy

MCCgorjusssummer  Jennifer, Debra, Anita, Jan, Linda, Barb, Carolina, Lacee, Rox, Jenna, Lottie, Colleen & Paula

MCCgreatspirit  Carolyn, Gab, Lacee, Rox, Jenna, Nel, Roberta, Lynnie, Jan & Eagleintheair

Futurebelongs  Debra

MCCyouonlylive  Debra, Vickie & Salina

Serenityprayerblue  Debra

MCChelloflowers  Debra, Salina & Vickie

Letsgoplayintherain  Debra

MCCsmileforyou  Shazza, Irene, Dana & Mary

MCCbeautiful  Shazza & Gloria

MCCangelsgorjuss  Irene

MCCgardendelights  Irene

MCCsweetness  Irene, Jennifer & Stephanie

whenyourdreams  Linda

MCCirresistable  Linda

Candykisses  Linda

MCCbluegorjuss  Linda

MCClivelifeto  Jennifer, Irene, Gloria, Jan, Linda & Barb

MCCflowersfeed  Irene & Jennifer

MCCfriendshipboys  Gloria

MCCflowersforyou Gloria



nortenadcorazon said...

Thank U so Much *Robyn :)
I just went in and left Comments on all My Tags!!!
I also appreciate U emailing me with my inquires.
Ur Creations are so full of colors and Life!
I wish U Luck on Ur NEW Move...I have never been one to
get rid of anything so I'm Happy to report this is it!
Have a Great Week!

janerical said...

Hi Robyn,

I probably do this wrong, but I would like to be added on your always list?
Your work is awesome!
The name I would like to have on the tags is Jas if that is possible.

Thank you Robyn!

Take care,